The Company

David Ferris

Founder and CEO

Brian Charville

General Counsel

the Due Diligence process an extensive and seamless Capital improvement campaign which repositions assets for near term lease up and stabilization.  The core value of Ferris Development’s approach to making properties more attractive and leases more competitive is demonstrated in their ability to lease up distressed properties.

Ferris Development has the expertise in the market with its ability to cross pollinize market dynamics and tenants along with its sister company Ferris Capital; an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA).  

Founded in 2009, Ferris Development is an investment real estate advisory firm specializing in the acquisition, management and leasing of commercial assets.  The team currently has approximately 900,000 square feet of commercial office space under management in the Boston Metro west market.  

Ferris Development prides itself on its ability to acquire discounted opportunities through its relationship network; along with a successful track record of making significant value-add improvements to these distressed or under managed assets.  Ferris Development with its affiliated Construction partners engage during